The Biala Rebbe is a spiritual leader, a kabbalist and a person who has devoted his life to studying torah. His great wisdom will give you a new perspective of life and situations that you may be dealing with.
The Biala Rebbe can give you his advice as well as send you his powerful blessings and prayers.

Prayers for the sick

Prayer for financial success

Prayer for finding Soulmate

Prayer for Guidence

Prayer for having children

Prayer for resolving family conflicts

What is the difference between a Rebbe and a Rabbi?

There are many differences but in short, a Rebbe listens to you from your soul and gives you guidance and answers from that level. Where as a Rabbi, listens to you from a your mouth and gives you guidance and answers from what would be written in a book. Both a Rebbe and a Rabbi are great sources for a person to speak with in any means.

Is there a cost to speak with the Biala Rebbe ?

No, speaking and meeting with the Rebbe is free. All that the Rebbe would want in return is for you to go out and do good deeds, helps others and be a better person. Remember, the good deeds/actions of one person, can have a rippling effect that changes and effects many lives.

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